Will these covers darken the basement?

Our covers let 95% of the light into the basement. Most people can’t tell a difference in the lighting once the cover is on the well.

What if we step on the cover?

Our cover will hold at least 300 lbs. The cover will not get brittle over the years because it is fiberglass.

How is the cover attached?

We have 2 types of installations. A clip install and a lock install. A clip install can be taken off from the inside and from the outside. The lock installation is three to six hinges that hang from the cover and an
eye loop is attached to the well. The hinge comes over the eye loop and a large cotter pin is put in place to secure the cover from the inside. The cover can only be taken off from the inside.

Do we have to be home for the measure or the installation?

No, we can do everything from the outside. We leave the information or invoice on the front door. If you had a lock install, we leave the pins with an instruction sheet in a door knob bag.

What if we want to have locks put on our covers in the future?

We will be happy to add locks on your covers for an installation fee.

If we hit the cover with the lawn mower, will the cover crack?

As long as you don’t hit the cover with the blade of the lawnmower, the cover will not shatter or crack. If you get little nicks on the edges, take a piece of sandpaper and sand the edge.

How do we pay?

If the order is over $500, we secure a credit card number, otherwise, you can give our serviceman a check, mail a check, or call us with a credit card number.

How long does it take to get covers?

It depends on where you live. If you are in close proximity of Oswego(IL), we usually measure your wells and leave you a quote within a week, and if you order it before 3 p.m. Thursday, it is installed the following week.

Where is our service area?

We service western and southwestern suburbs of Chicago.

Can we install the cover ourselves?

For safety purposes, we prefer to let our professionally trained servicemen install the covers.

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