Benefits & Features

Features of Window Well Cover Company Covers

  • Our covers are all custom made, so nearly any size well can be covered.
  • Our covers are constructed of a tough translucent fiberglass. The frosted appearance assures privacy, yet allows 95% of the daylight through.
  • We also use sturdy, non-rusting aluminum cross braces on all escape (egress) covers. All covers are designed to support at least 500 lbs.
  • Our patented back rail design allows for special needs where the window extends above the level of the well.

We Offer Many Installation Options:

  • CLIPS… The basic install option is a spring clip system where the cover can be taken off from the inside or from the outside.
  • LOCKS… A safety hinge hangs down from the cover inside the well, a quick release pin holds the lock in place. It allows easy release from the inside but still deters access from outside.
  • COMBINATION… In certain situations, where there are escape wells and small wells on the same house, we can lock the escape covers on for added security and just clip the small covers.
  • FINALLY… We also have special installation options for those who have wells in patios or other unique situations.

Benefits of Covering Your Wells


Window well covers prevent people, pets, and wildlife from accidentally falling into your basement window wells. This is especially important with today’s large escape window wells, some more than five feet deep, which could result in serious injury if someone were to fall into the well. Wildlife agencies also recommend window well covers to prevent animals such as skunks, possums and other local wildlife from getting trapped in window wells.


While today’s large escape wells provide a method of escape in the event of a fire they also make it easier for intruders to break into your home. By adding covers with locks, which can only be unlocked form the inside, our covers provide a deterrent to possible intruders while still providing an easy way out in the event of a fire.

Helps Keep Your Basement Dry

By preventing water from entering the window well, water does not have a chance to accumulate and possibly enter your basement.

Saves Time

As part of the installation process our installers will remove any debris that has accumulated in your window well. With the covers in place the your wells will stay clean and dry.

Saves Energy

Window well covers act as an effective storm window. They help keep your basement warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Our Guarantee